Carrozzeria offers a one stop repair centre, concentrating on panel and crash repairs. Working in conjunction with the official workshops, this ensures that Ferrari owners are confident that their vehicles are repaired back to factory standards - retaining warranties, values, and peace of mind.

The 3329sqm facility located in Longmeadow Business Park South, separates preparation, repair, paint and assembly in dedicated areas over two floors. The layout replicates the facilities at factories, and special attention has been made on the waste that the facility generates - with specialised air extraction and recycling facilties built into the design.

The 18 highly trained staff work to factory standards and beyond - with perfection being the key word at Carrozzeria. This is achieved with the very best training, coupled with the latest equipment. From the five body-preparation bays and the very specialised Ferrari approved car jig, to the spray booths and mixing centre (one of a kind), Carrozzeria truly reflects the marquee that is Ferrari, bringing the only official body repair facility, based on exacting standards and guidelines to Southern Africa.

Carrozzeria was developed to handle repairs of all natures, from minor body work bumps and resprays, to complete chasis rebuilds and aluminium repair, full restoration. When the After Sales Manager from Ferrari viewed the facility, he was astounded at the concept and remarked that he had seen nothing better anywhere in the world.